Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and Research

Graduate Medical Education Committee

The TIGMER GMEC reviews programs and policies to ensure the highest quality of medical education at all training sites in the consortium.
  1. Marsha Sellner
    Marsha is the Associate Designated Institutional Official for TIGMER. She has been instrumental in the development and launch of over a dozen residency programs and has expertise in development of GME consortia.
  2. Sharon Gustowski, DO
    Dr. Gustowski is the Chair of the Osteopathic Principles, Practice, and Integration Department at the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine.
  3. Thomas Mohr, MS DO
    Dr. Mohr is an internal medicine physician who has spent his career in the development of high quality graduate medical education programs. He is the Designated Institutional Official for TIGMER and GMEC Chair.
  4. Carlos Moreno, MD MBA
    Dr. Moreno is the Chief Medical Officer at CommuniCare Health Centers and has 27 years' experience in biomedical research development, academia, and healthcare administration.
  5. Patrick Cullinan, DO
    Dr. Cullinan is Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care medicine and has held numerous clinical and administrative posts in San Antonio.
  6. David Garza, DO MSEd
    Dr. Garza is a family physician who has been in practice in Laredo, Texas for over 20 years. He has a Master's in Medical Education and is currently the president of the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association.
  7. Brian Treuhaft, DO
    Dr. Treuhaft, an internal medicine physician, is the regional director of MedFIrst Sound Hospitalists at Baptist Health Systems in San Antonio.
  8. Ildefonzo Flores, MD
    Dr. Flores is an internal medicine physician in Laredo, Texas and the new program director of the internal medicine residency program at Laredo Medical Center.
  9. Carol Browne, DO
    Dr. Browne served on the faculty at UNTHSC-TCOM for 10 year and is now an Associate Professor of Family Practice and OPPI at UIWSOM. She is the founding program director for the BHS Family Practice Residency.